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KGI has serviced the wireless industry for years, working with every major U.S. wireless carrier and helping the wireless industry prosper. The company connects wireless carriers with site owners, processes collocation licensing applications and agreements, provides over two hundred wireless asset management services and helps wireless customers communicate. Learn more about our business experiences and practices, and consider KGI for an upcoming speaking engagement or story. Contact Us below.

Corporate Office
KGI Wireless, Inc.
Building Three, Suite 370
805 Las Cimas Parkway
Austin, Texas 78746-5697

Public Speakers and Resources

Mike Kampen, Founder, President

Mike Kampen’s professional career spans 37 years in business management, commercial real estate, wireless asset management and business information systems. Kampen co-founded KGI Wireless, Inc. in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and has led the company’s growth and diversification during the past 19 years. KGI currently manages a portfolio of 35 clients including wireless carriers, independent tower owners, land owners and over 18,000 wireless sites in 50 states. KGI expanded again in 2012 and now offers site acquisition services and engineering services. Mike Kampen’s business philosophy is simple: "Find out what clients want and deliver it to them. Everything else takes care of itself."

Carol Greenwell, Senior Vice President, Operations

Carol Greenwell is a graduate of Baylor University and has more than 27 years of business leadership experience in real estate, mortgage banking, wireless asset management and tower licensing. Greenwell’s roles with KGI include P and L management, strategic initiatives, client relations and operations. Like all good business managers, Carol understands the elements of success: Product Leadership, Customer Care and Operational Excellence. Her dedication to Operational Excellence is one reason KGI’s clients are among the happiest clients on Earth.

Andy Kampen, Vice President, Asset Management Services

Andy Kampen is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has 16 years experience in commercial real estate (Banner Commercial in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas), lease negotiations and wireless portfolio management (KGI Wireless, Inc.). Andy joined KGI in 2010. His roles with KGI include business development, client relations, site auditing, new site builds, site renewals, and project planning and management. Andy Kampen is a letterman with Mississippi State University’s Golf Team. When you are assembling a foursome, Andy is ready.

Jeremy Kampen, Vice President, Asset Management Services

Jeremy Kampen is a graduate of Baylor University and has 16 years of business experience in finance, private equity real estate and site acquisition management. Jeremy’s roles with KGI include strategic and corporate financial planning, new site financing, project planning and management, business development and client relations. Prior to joining KGI in 2009, Jeremy was a senior associate with Rockpoint Finance, an affiliate of Rockpoint Group, LLC and a senior financial analyst with Affiliated Computer Services, responsible for structuring technological and business process outsourcing.

Shirley Rock, Vice President, Project Management

Shirley Rock’s professional career spans 32 years in business leadership, telecommunications, wireless asset management and contract law. Shirley served as National Property Manager for Alltel for 8 years (contracts, carrier mergers and acquisitions) prior to joining KGI in 2005. Her current roles with KGI include business development, operations, national collocation project management and client relations. She is a gifted problem solver and communicator, and famous for, "We get it right, or we make it right." Shirley Rock is a certified paralegal and a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.


Exceeding Your Expectations is the Goal

"KGI is one of the most respected wireless service companies in North America. When I think about honesty, integrity and operational excellence, I think of KGI."

CM Rountree, President
Rountree and Associates, LLC
Bothell, Washington


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