Inbound Collocation

The KGI Wireless Inbound Collocation group operates across a national footprint and is fully staffed with an experienced team of Contract Specialists, Attorneys and Marketing Managers who are ready to provide the following services to our clients:

Due Diligence Package Preparation

New Collocation Licensing

License Amendment and Renewal Management

Engineering Coordination

NTP Issuance

Site Advertising and Marketing

Document Storage and Project Management

Contract Preparation and Legal Research

Inbound Collocation Clients

We offer a wide variety of collocatable structures including communications towers, rooftops and billboards and are proud to represent the following clients:

  • Verizon Wireless

  • Spectrum (Charter)

  • Coaxial Cable Television

  • Tower King

  • Apple Properties

  • Revelation Outdoor

  • Municipal Communications

  • Louis Dreyfus Pipeline

  • Blue Ridge Telecom

  • Telecom Tower Group

  • Gulf States Towers

  • Peter Iucciolino

  • Grand Ridge Cable

  • Corgi Ridge Farms

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