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Verizon Wireless, in partnership with KGI Wireless, is offering high quality communications sites that are ready for immediate co-location. With over 3,000 sites currently available, Verizon is eager to market the portfolio to new and existing co-locators. Together, Verizon and KGI are laser focused on making the co-location experience fast, friendly and efficient by streamlining the application review processes and reducing the number of decision points for each application. Customers can use the KGI Wireless online site to easily locate the structures, review site information and, with two clicks, submit an application.

Verizon’s towers are open for business and we encourage customers to take a new look at the portfolio and give the streamlined co-location process a try. For additional information, please contact Geoff Kay at or 512-334-3259.

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KGI offers thousands of wireless sites in all 50 states. Top locations, Nationwide footprint... Let's start the process to get you On Air today!

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KGI makes it easy to find sites with just two clicks. You can click to enter a specific site ID, click on a state, or click on an owner to display site information, then click on the site you are interested in and you will be ready to download an application!

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For questions about centerlines available or any other inquiry, please contact KGI at 512-345-9595 or email Jennifer Miller at

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